All technologies / all brands repairs

A breakdown, a leak, lower pumping performances on your existing equipment?

SOS Pump intervenes promptly to answer to your request and provide you with an expertise and an effective analysis of the causes of the breakdown and the resolution modes.

We offer on-site intervention and removal of pumping equipment in our premises for complete diagnosis.


Our team has training and experience in the repair of all types of pumps:

  • Pumping unit
  • Positive displacement pumps (peristaltic, eccentric disc, vane, lobe, vacuum, diaphragm, barrel pumps, etc.)
  • Centrifugal pumps

Our services include:

  • Complete disassembly of the pump
  • Detailed expertise
  • Diagnosis and recommendations
  • Cleaning of parts
  • Rehabilitation, including in-house machining and fabricating
  • Pump and related material upgrades
  • Mounting, installation and start-ups